HKX Productions Recording Room from Kazbar Systems

HKX Productions, the creative content studio for Havas UK based in the HKX building in Kings Cross contacted Kazbar for
advice about a high quality recording and production facility for their new
office space situated in Kings Cross, London.

Key requirements for the booth itself were as

and space efficiency
, so that if required, the facility could be
deconstructed and moved to a different part of the building, or a new location.

, as the booth would be on a busy floor, surrounded by noise
from both within and outside the building

air circulation within the booth
, for freshness and focus.

requirements were; lights, an LCD Display to be used as text and sync reference
for recording artists, and a complete recording system.

HKX Productions Recording Room from Kazbar Systems

Isolation Booth

HAVAS chose the StudioBricks double walled
vocal booth to provide an acoustically accurate and isolated space for
recording voiceovers and narrations.The booth required a number of modifications
in order to perform to the required standard.

Kazbar Systems designed and constructed a
custom floating floor solution onto which the booth was installed to eliminate
structural borne vibration from footfall traffic compromising recordings.

Kazbar Systems also supplied a custom
attenuator solution to allow integration of the existing HVAC system into the
booth providing noise free air circulation allowing extended periods of
recording to take place.

Recording System

HAVAS required a compact, stable and
versatile recording system that could be operated by both in house and external
recording engineers.

Kazbar specified Pro Tools 2018 software
combined with a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII QuadNeumann U87 microphone
and a high specification Mac Book Pro. Like all DAW systems purchased from
Kazbar; the system was delivered pre installed, configured and tested, enabling
recordings to take place immediately.

HKX Productions Recording Room from Kazbar Systems

& Monitoring

Kazbar also provided bespoke audio, video
and data cabling, headphone amplifiers, a Kaotica Eyeball to further reduce
acoustic reflections within the booth, and two pairs of Focal Listen Pro Headphones.



With over 20 years experience in the field,
Dave Eccleston, Kazbar System’s Technical Manager, provided onsite training to
HAVAS staff. The training included an introduction to recording techniques,
editing and signal processing, the Universal Audio console software and a range
of additional software processors.

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales