A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp

A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp



The A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp harkens back to the golden age of recording. The time when consoles were spec’d out by studio engineers and custom-built to provide a sound like no other. Designed, built, “ear tested,” and beta tested by long-time recording industry veterans, the Pacifica takes its sonic cues from the mythic Quad Eight console.

In keeping with A-Designs Audio’s mission of sound quality above all, the features of the Pacifica are just what an audio professional needs to record high-quality tracks and no more. Sonically compromising extra switches and components of dubious features are eliminated from the signal path. Plus, with 72dB gain and extremely low-noise operation (-128dB EIN) the ribbon mic-friendly Pacifica ensures clarity and fidelity, whether you are going for transparency or plenty of punch and character.

A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp Design

Paying homage to the colour scheme of the Quad Eight Pacifica console, the hand-crafted Pacifica sports a rich, cream-coloured finish. It has a solid-feeling with red metal gain knobs; a red +48V phantom-power push button with red LED indicator, for easy identification if ribbon mics are involved. Also we have added grey push buttons for phase reverse and –20dB pad. We have also added two front-panel Hi-Z instrument inputs, but just like a classic Woodie, it is what’s under the Pacifica’s hood that gives the DIs a special kick.

A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp Transformers

Unlike other preamps, our Pacifica’s DIs are routed through the input transformer. This means it puts signal through two transformers for added depth and richer tone. And these aren’t just any transformers. The key to the Pacifica’s sound, are the custom-designed input and output transformers are built by Tom Reichenbach of Cinemag. His father, Ed, built the transformers for the original Quad Eight desks. The output transformers are custom wound and share the same design as those found in the original Quad Eight. Input transformers are pure, proprietary A-Designs.

The main features of the A-Designs Pacifica Stereo Microphone Preamp includes
  • Two-channel, solid state preamp with two front-panel Hi-Z inputs
  • Captures the sound quality of the legendary Quad Eight Pacifica console with even more presence and high-end
  • Very warm and full tone without being dark; wide bandwidth with a sweet top end.
  • Custom-wound Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Input transformer: A-Designs proprietary input transformer with unique winding
  • Output Transformer: A-Designs proprietary alloy using the same massive design as the original Quad Eight.
  • 72dB of quiet gain, great for use with ribbon mics.
  • Unique DI design sends signal through the input transformer for two transformers in the signal path.
  • Balanced XLR I/O
  • Phase reversal (each channel)
  • -20dB pad (each channel)
  • +48V phantom power (each channel)
  • Solid construction, handmade in the USA
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