A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box

A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box



Our A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Boxis one of the sharpest tools in the producers toolbox. This tube driven direct injection box is key to creating a high-quality, clean and punchy bass guitar sound.

Designed and built by former career studio bassists, the A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box has been hailed by engineers and bassist alike as the best-sounding DI around. Inspired by the glorious sound of the Ampeg B-15 tube bass amp, its 6N1-P tube-driven amplifier feeds signal directly into a hefty custom output transformer, which is key to providing a harmonically rich tone. Our wide-bandwidth design from 20Hz to 60kHz reduces in-band phase shift, which results in greater detail and realism in the audible spectrum. Another big plus of our wide-bandwidth design is the prevention of LF phase shifts by maintaining a linear response extending below the audible bass range. This is the secret to achieving a big, full sound.

A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box Front Panel

Complementing its distinctive bright red steel chassis, the REDDI has a front-panel Neutrik XLR/1/4″ combo input jack, balanced XLR output, and a 1/4″ thru-put, for those who desire the reassurance of sending signal to a bass amp (before they wind up discarding the miked track and go with the REDDI track alone). There is also a 0-16dB-gain control on the front panel as well. Take note, the REDDI is not a high-gain device. Gain has been carefully designed and controlled in order to avoid the slightest compromise to sound quality. Finishing up the front panel is a bright blue LED power indicator. The exceptional brightness of the LED was intentionally provided for easy visual confirmation that the REDDI is powered on.

A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box Back Panel

On the back panel are toggle switches for power and ground lift, along with the REDDI’s IEC power connector.
This tool is not just for bass, the REDDI’s all-tube circuitry can enhance the character of any instrument run through it. It has an airy top-end to go with the full, rich mids and bass..

The main features of the A-Designs Reddi Tube DI Box includes:
  • Tube driven direct injection box
  • Inspired by the the Ampeg B-15 tube bass amp
  • 6N1-P tube-driven amplifier
  • Wide bandwidth design

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