AKA Design ProEdit Configuration D

AKA Design ProEdit Configuration D



The AKA Design ProEdit Configuration D, 12U rack, Jointer kit & R/H Worktop is a configurable desking system for off-line and on-line editing offering a stylish workspace and a large working area. Comes flar packed for self assembly and easy shipping & installation. Comes with 12U rack, Jointer kit & L/H Worktop

The main features of the AKA Design ProEdit Configuration D include:

  • Configurable desking system for off-line & on-line editing
  • Large 2.4m workspace
  • Three 3U top racks
  • Expandable with worktops, racks and wingtips, to create additional workspace
  • Deep monitor bridge to house Grade1 and wide screen monitor (optional flat screen monitor bridge available)
  • Complete cable management
  • Available in Grey & Crown Oak (as shown) and Blue & Crown Maple
  • Self-assembly and plat packed for easy shipping and installation

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