Al.So MP2 500-Series Microphone Preamp

Al.So MP2 500-Series Microphone Preamp



The Al.So MP2 500-Series Microphone Preamp is a dual mic/line preamp with up to 60 dB of gain.

The Al.So MP2 features a UK-made Sowter transformer for superb sound. The upper preamplifier uses the standard rear connections of the 500 series chassis connections, whie the lower preamplifier has its XLR I/O connectors placed on the front panel of the module. Double your 500 series racks and Lunchboxes capacity with the MP2!

The main features of the Al.So MP2 500-Series Microphone Preamp include:

  • Dual mic pre in only one slot
  • Up to 60dB of clean low distortion gain
  • Can also be used as a line preamp
  • Input transformers (Sowter)
  • All inputs on front panel only
  • Rear input used as Channel 2 Output

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