API 205L Discrete Direct Input, 200 Series Module

API 205L Discrete Direct Input, 200 Series Module



The API 205L equipment Direct is expressly conceived to accept a guitar or bass direct into it, without any loading on the pickups. The Gain Control is utilised to normalize the instrument’s input level, up to a +4 dBu output grade. With the use of the exclusive pitch control, the reduced end grime” can be decreased. rotating on the BRIGHT switch adds clarity, like the brilliant switch on any amp. The blend of these two functions may eradicate the need for any EQ on the instrument when notes, holding the signal untainted.

The input is conceived expressly to load a pickup the identical way that a tube guitar amp would, retaining all of the tone, and minimizing the loading effect on the pickup. This minimal route eliminates the need to use a benchmark direct box, which more times than not only converts the pointer to a balanced mic grade output, which still requires a mic input, equalizer, and fader to get the pointer to a recordable grade.

The 205L is adept of increasing any instrument to a hefty line level without additional amplifiers. With the 100 K LOAD switch, the pitch of the pickup can be altered somewhat, which tends to darken the high frequency content. The BRIGHT switch adds a treble increase in the identical manner that most instrument amplifiers do, clarifying the equipment and supplementing presence to it without the need for outboard equalization. When injecting an equipment with an internal preamp or a line grade equipment such as a sampler or a keyboard, the 205L has a 20 dB PAD switch to fall the grade without stacking, thereby retaining the full variety of the 205L and its features.

When used with other 200L series modules, a complete input narrow piece can be built from input through dynamics, equalization, and final output. Also, the output of the 205L can be fed to strip, or the input of a guitar power amplifier. The artist can then be in the command room while the equipment amp is isolated in the studio.

The 205L can be utilised in the Legacy or dream Series Consoles, or in the L200 Rack. The 205L Direct makes use of the 2510 and 2520 op-amps and thus displays the reliability, long life, and uniformity attribute of API products.

The main features of the API 205L include:

• Wide range GAIN control
• Hi-Z input, like a Tube Amp
• Thin < > Fat TONE Control reduces low end mud
• BRIGHT Switch boosts the presence
• 20 dB PAD lowers the input level
• 100 K LOAD switch changes the tone of instruments
• 5 Segment LED Meter shows Output Level
• Transformer Coupled Output to +28 dBm
• All Discrete Design


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