API The BOX Compact Summing Mixer and Recording Console

API The BOX Compact Summing Mixer and Recording Console



API The BOX Compact Summing Mixer and Recording Console is a 20-channel Recording/Mixing Console with 4 Input Channels, 16 Summing Channels, and Full Center Section Control.

Designed for professional project studios and production facilities, API The Box gives you that classic API analog mojo at a much more down-to-earth price. Optimized for the digital era, The Box delivers all the functionality you don’t get from your DAW, including mic preamps, input signal processing, a high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control, and much more, while eliminating the redundant capacities of larger boards. You get the legendary all-discrete API sound in a compact, cost-effective package.

The input section consists of 4 API 548B preamps which were first seen in the API 1608 small format console and the API character is delivered courtesy of a number of 2520 and 2510 op amps throughout the console’s signal flow. These discrete op amps are synonymous with the API sound and are alive and well within the BOX. This is the same classic analog circuitry that is present in the 1608, Legacy and Vision consoles.

Two input channels are complimented by a pair of 550a EQ’s and the two remaining inputs are followed by a pair of 500 series slots which can be populated with any VPR approved 500 series module. One stereo cue send and two auxiliary sends are available on each input channel including standard PFL, AFL and Solo in place along with a 100mm full throw fader.

A comprehensive summing section consisting of 16 100mm faders with balanced inserts and returns allow tape returns from the DAW to be augmented with additional outboard. A 0 dB switch removes the fader from the signal path to ensure consistent recalls when automation has been written in the DAW and aux, cue sends, solos and mutes complete the summing section.

Finally a fully featured center section is available with control room level, source selection, solo control and talkback system with built in mic.  A pair of API 527 buss compressors are also on hand to sit over the program buss to provide subtle gain reduction or impart a more aggressive character. The 527 can also be assigned to any input channel to offer compression when tracking.

The Box offers the API sound with outstanding headroom in a format that will sit in any production environment.

The main features of API The BOX Compact Summing Mixer and Recording Console include:

  • 2 input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, and 500 Series slot with 550A EQ
  • 2 input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, and 500 slot
  • 2 compressors, assignable to input channels or program bus with stereo link
  • 16 summing channels (20 channels during mix)
  • Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input
  • 1 stereo and mono auxiliary sends/buses
  • Stereo cue send/bus and headphone system
  • PFL, AFL, and solo-in-place solo modes with stereo solo bus
  • Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems
  • Talkback system
  • Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply



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