Avantone Active MixCubes Reference Monitors Butter Cream, Single

Avantone Active MixCubes Reference Monitors Butter Cream, Single



The Avantone Active MixCubes are shielded, full-range mini reference monitors.

Their design is inspired by the legacy of the 5C Sound Cubes used in virtually all-major studios for the last 25 years.

Avantone Mixcubes are designed to be high-resolution, full-range powered mini-reference monitors for fixed or remote locations.

They have a timeless design that compliments a single full-range transducer.

The main features of the Avantone MixCubes include:

  • Frequency Response 90Hz – 17,000Hz

  • Driver Impedance Nominal 8 ohms

  • Max SPL 104db @ 1 meter = 1%THD (PINK NOISE)

  • Amplifier Type Class A/B

  • Amplifier Power 60 watts RMS@ .005% THD (1KHz)

  • Amp Frequency Response 22Hz-50KHz +0dB/- 3dB (90Hz-50KHz +/-0dB)


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