Focusrite ISA One 430 Mk II A/D Card

Focusrite ISA One 430 Mk II A/D Card



The Focusrite ISA One 430 optional A/D card features a high quality 24bit 96KHz Delta Sigma converter running at 128KHz over-sampling for greatest alteration performance. Focusrite proprietary designs are utilised for all interior clocking and stage secure loop circuits to assurance the absolute smallest jitter likely, whether free-running or locked to wordclock.

The ISA 430’s optional A/D is stereo and permits for inputs from internal post-processing and external sources simultaneously giving a clean, defended, high-quality path to stereo digital outputs.
Thus, with the Stereo A/D card installed, the ISA 430 can be utilised as a high quality mono/stereo following converter, or at blend down as a stereo converter channel for routing complete blends to digital newspapers.

The main features of the Focusrite ISA One 430 Mk II A/D Card include:

  • AES/EBU (5V / 110 ohms), S/PDIF (0.8V / 75 ohms)
  • ADAT lightpipe (SMUX I/II/IV)
  • S/PDIF lightpipe

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