isoAcoustics ‘Puck’

isoAcoustics ‘Puck’



The isoAcoustics-Puck is the newest member of the award winning ISO-L8R series and features the same patented isolation technology as the other models but with a much lower profile.

The ISO-Pucks are designed to be used in multiples to match the weight of each speaker. Each unit is rated for up to 20lbs (9kg) so multiple units can be placed under each speaker. For smaller studio monitors 3 ISO-Pucks can be used, 2 front and 1 back. For heavier monitors, 4 ISO-Pucks or more can be used as required. The ISO-Pucks are designed to be used with the logo facing forward, as the isolators have been tuned to resist lateral movements resulting in greater clarity and focus.

The Main Features of The isoAcoustics ‘Puck’ Include:

  • Improve the sound of your existing monitors
  • Helps to minimize vibrational resonance into coupled surfaces
  • Suction cup flange on top and bottom for secure mounting
  • Multi-part construction that dissipates energy that can cloud your sound
  • Small, round, and easy to position
  • Also works great on guitar, bass, and keyboard cabs
  • Decouples your speakers from supporting surfaces

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