Modal Electronics 002R 12-Voice Rackmount Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer

Modal Electronics 002R 12-Voice Rackmount Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer



The Modal Electronics 002R 12-Voice Rackmount Hybrid Synthesizer is an eight voice rackmount hybrid polyhonic synthesizer features the same voice structure and feature set as the 002 but now in a convinient and studio friendly rackmount form, this particular 002R is the twelve voice version, but it is also available as a eight voice sysnthesizer too.

With two Oscillators per voice featuring over 50 waveforms and two Sub Oscillators, which can either produce standard square waveforms or more uniquely create the waveshape of the main oscillator, which mean the 002r has more of a four Oscillator per voice structure. The Oscillators themselves are classed as NCO’s (numberically controlled oscillators) since they do not have a fixed bandwidth the sonic result is very high resolution with incredibly stable tuning, the NCO’s can create both analogue sounding and very digital sounding complex waveforms, the Oscillators also features a pulse width mode which can be modulated from the Animator or either LFO mod matrix.

Just like the 002 the 002r features the unique Modal 24dB ladder filter circuit, which features some very unusual morphing characteristics or ‘polesweeping’, enabling transition from four pole through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave, or anywhere in between, all of the filter metrics are displayed in realtime on the high quality OLED display so you know exactly what’s going on with your sound before you even play a note.

The 002r includes comprehensive modulation matrix comprising of two LFO’s; one global LFO (LFO 1) and one polyphonic LFO (LFO 2) both include eight seperate modulation destinations LFO 2 includes a single shot mode which only reads one cycle of the LFO per keypress, with some clever tweaking can you get LFO2 to operate as a second EG. Unique modulation features like waveform modulation and drive modulation make for inspiring and complex sounds. Modulation can also be achived using the super high quality japanese control joystick or can be controlled using aftertouch.

Also included on 002r is the extensive and expressive sequencer and animator from the 002, the sequencer operates as a 2 Track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with MIDI sync capabilities. The Animator functions in exactly the same way as 002 it enables any control parameter on the 002r to be sequenced, enabling very complex filter transisitions, wave form changes and modulation matrix changes to be sequenced.

The amazing ARP section with the incredible hold function is great for “off the cuff” performances, leaving both hands free to tweak and really get into the synth, the ARP can sync to the internal or external clock sources and includes a huge range of play modes and time divisions.

As you’d expect with any Modal product, the Cloud connectivity with backup, share and update facilities is included and is super simple to use. The cloud facility allows you to backup and share your sounds, seqences and performances over a single ethernet cable – you can also update the system software without the need for sysex dumps meaning you’ll always be up to daye with the latest features and sounds, plus you can also remote control the synthesizer parameters using any device that can display a webpage.

The conextualy sesitive high contrast 4.3″ screen provides precise visual feedback in relation to the control or parameters being tweaked, the fluid and intuitive UI is easy to navigate and makes in depth sound design a pleasure.

Another unique feature that is also found on both 002r and 002 are the key modes, polyphonic, monophonic, unison and stack are all available.

Just like the rest of the Modal range we carry demo stock of each model of synthesizer, if you are interested in trying out any synthesizer from the Modal range please contact us, we will travel to you!

The main features of the Modal Electronics 002r Hybrid Duophonic Synthesizer include:

  • Twelve voice hybrid polyphonic synthesizer
  • 24db transistor ladder filter
  • Pure analogue signal path from the NCO’s out
  • Four CV inputs and four CV outputs
  • Option digital effects and digital output board available seperatly
  • Two audio inputs
  • Made in the UK
  • Fits into a 3U 19″ audio rack
  • In depth training sessions available free of charge upon purchase of a 002r *enquire for availability

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