Modal Electronics 008 Eight Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

Modal Electronics 008 Eight Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer


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The Modal Electronics 008 Eight Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer is eight voice multi-timbral polyphonic analogue syntheizer, with a pure 100% analogue signal path with an uncompromising analogue architecture utilising the highest grade components throughout. 008 includes all of the features you expect from a Modal product, with superior build quality and unique designs and innovations throughout. 

008 provides two voltage controlled Oscillators per voice with two sub Oscillators providing sawtooth, triangle, square with PWM and noise, each of the waveforms can be blended together to provide completely new complex wave shapes making a very potent tool for creating new sounds and timbres, 008 has a range of classic analogue polysynth features such as oscillator and filter FM bringing amazing sonic power and versatility.

008 features a brand new multi-mode filter design, which features 16 filter types, consisting of traditional modes such as low-pass, band-pass and high-pass as well as more unusual notch, phase and combination modes giving you the upmost control over your sound and performance.

Two 100% EG’s control the VCF and the VCA, built into the amplifier EG is a drive control which just like it’s brother 002 provide a bit of grit and depth to the overall signal. the VCA-EG is a simple ADSR style whereas the VCF-EF provides ADSR with variable amount and delay controls to get the perfect filter sound. The LFO’s on the 008 both features the single shot function foudn on the 002, thish function reads only one cycle of the LFO per keypress allowing for some evelope style effects and even more modulation possibilities, most notably the LFO’s on the 008 run at full audio rates and both features multiple wave shpes and also have the ability to sync to incoming MIDI clock.

Aside from the 100% analogue signal path, huge sound, amazing filter and everything else that’s somehow been crammed into this impressive piece of british engineering, the most standout feature is the new modulation system; you can use any of the eleven modulation sources to modulate any parameter on the synth offering almost limitless possibilities for sound creation with zero menu diving, just touch and assign – simple. Each destination can be set it’s own unique depth, a super smooth sample rate of 10kH.

008 features a range of sequencing options – a built in 2 Track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer with 16 dedicated step time editing knobs on the front panel and MIDI sync capabilities. Sequences can also be transposed dynamically while running.

A very inspirational and fun component of the 008 is the highly featured arpeggiator with a wide range of different modes, including ‘hold’ mode, enabling arpeggiator-based sequences to be created. Various time divisions and playbacl modes give the already impressive sequencer even more potential.

The Modal Electronics Animator which is another powerful modulation source enables any control parameter on the 008 to be sequenced, enabling very complex filter transisitions, wave form changes and modulation matrix changes to be sequenced.

As you’d expect with any Modal product, the Cloud connectivity with backup, share and update facilities is included and is super simple to use. The cloud facility allows you to backup and share your sounds, seqences and performances over a single ethernet cable – you can also update the system software without the need for sysex dumps meaning you’ll always be up to daye with the latest features and sounds, plus you can also remote control the synthesizer parameters using any device that can display a webpage.) and access to the Modal Electronics cloud features.

008 includes polyphonic, monophonic, unison and stack are all available, allowing you to stack up to 8 voices with variable detune to create HUGE bass and lead sounds.

Just like the rest of the Modal range we carry demo stock of each model of synthesizer, if you are interested in trying out any synthesizer from the Modal range please contact us, we will travel to you

The main features of the Modal Electronics 008 Eight Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer include:

  • Eight voice analogue polysynth
  • Multimode filter
  • FATAR semi weighted keybed
  • Animator, Arp and Sequencer
  • 100% Analogue signal path
  • LFO’s run at audio rates
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Very fast snappy EG’s with 1ms response
  • High quality japanese joystick
  • Made in the UK

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