Moog Moogerfooger CP-251 Analog Control Processor

Moog Moogerfooger CP-251 Analog Control Processor



The award-winning Moog CP-251 Control Processor is a collection of classic modular synthesizer circuits designed by Bob Moog. With the Moogerfooger analog effects, Minimoog Voyager analog synthesizer, or other voltage-controlled synthesis gear you can generate, modify, combine, and distribute control voltages for creating complex sound events with patch cords.

The main features of the Moog CP-251 include:

FOUR INPUT MIXER – Enables you to combine control signals to create complex effects.
LAG PROCESSOR – Reshapes control signals by slowing down abrupt changes, used to produce glides and swoops.
LOW FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR (LFO) – Makes periodic control signals over the range of one cycle every five seconds to 50 cycles per second. The LFO is itself voltage-controlled so you can vary its rate with an expression pedal or other control signal to create effects such as vibrato, warbles, and sirens.
• Two ATTENUATORS – To reduce the strength of control signals, enabling you to adjust the strength of an effect.
FOUR-WAY MULTIPLE – Enables you to send one control signal to as many as three destinations.
NOISE SOURCE – Provides pure noise for use as an audio or control signal.
SAMPLE AND HOLD – Produces stepwise control signals by sampling the voltage of any signal at rate of the LFO to produce classic sample-and-hold effects. This circuit also has a second output which is a smoothed version of the stepwise output.

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