Rode NT-USB Studio-Quality USB Microphone

Rode NT-USB Studio-Quality USB Microphone



The Rode NT-USB is the brand new USB microphone capable of recording studio quality audio straight to your Mac / Windows / iPad (Apple USB Connection kit required for iOS) without the need for an audio interface. The NT-USB is perfect for those looking for that extra quality without the extra hassle. A pop shield, desktop stand and extra long 6m USB cable come included, external drivers aren’t required so getting set up with the NT-USB couldn’t be easier.

The Rode NT-USB features a headphone jack located on the side of the microphone for zero latency monitoring, next to the jack are also level and mix control knobs so controlling your recordings is as efficient and clear as ever. Its never been so easy to get a studio quality vocal, whether you’re recording professional voice over work, Youtube ‘Let’s Play’ videos or a vocalist, the NT-USB is there for you to get that extra quality. 

The main features of the Rode NT-USB Studio-Quality USB Microphone include:

  • Studio grade USB microphone 
  • Minimal setup and no external drivers required 
  • Zero latency monitoring from on-board headphone jack 
  • Level and mix knobs on the side for added control 
  • 16-bit/48kHz audio recording 
  • Cardioid polar pattern 
  • Perfect for Youtube Let’s Play videos, voiceover work and vocalists 
  • Pop shield, desktop stand and 6m USB cable included

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