Studio Electronics EuroBoom Shapers Eurorack Dual ADSR Module

Studio Electronics EuroBoom Shapers Eurorack Dual ADSR Module



The Studio Electronics EuroBoom Shapers Eurorack Dual ADSR Module is a dual four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE stages. The Pittsbutgh Modular hybrid ADSR smooths the shape of the incoming gates and triggers to produce a more expressive instrument, just like its antecedent. The ADSR output can be used to control the amplitude of an oscillator, the cutoff frequency of a filter or any other function on a module that accepts control voltages.

The functionality of Shapers is easy enough: the incoming gate or trigger signal passes through each of the four stages to output an envelope. When the ADSR module receives a gate or trigger signal, the ATTACK determines the amount of time needed for the envelope generator to reach the peak output voltage and move on to the decay stage. DECAY sets the amount of time needed to transition to the level set by the sustain knob. The SUSTAIN level is maintained as long as the incoming gate remains on or high. Once the incoming gate goes low or off, the release stage takes over. The RELEASE knob sets the time needed to close the envelope and return the ADSR output to 0 volts.

Shapers ENVs. can respond lightening fast or demonstate the patience of a saint, especially in the LONG RANGE 1 and 2 settings. INV 1 makes topsy-turvy time fun with the inverting of the ADSR 1, and the LED indicators provide a useful visual assist.

– Potentiometer Potential
Eight attenuation pots control the ATTACK (x2), DECAY (x2), SUSTAIN (x2), RELEASE (x2), delivering smooth, detailed, and complex expression.

– Switch it Up
SHORT and LONG range time settings for both ADSRs.

– Patch it Up
Five patch points: IN 1, OUT 1, INV 1, IN 2, and OUT 2 connect and direct the deepest manipulation.

– All Controls and Patch Points
ATTACK (x2) – Adjusts the attack stage.
DECAY (x2) – Adjusts the decay stage.
SUSTAIN (x2) – Adjust the sustain stage.
RELEASE (x2) – Adjusts the release stage.
SHORT / LONG RANGE 1 – Selects the evelope range for ADSR 1.
SHORT / LONG RANGE 2 – Selects the evelope range for ADSR 2.

The main feartures of the Studio Electronics EuroBoom Shapers Eurorack Dual ADSR Module include:

  • 12hp wide
  • 40mm deep
  • Requires 22mA (+12 / -12)

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