Studio Electronics ModStar Sensei Complete Eurorack Synthesizer

Studio Electronics ModStar Sensei Complete Eurorack Synthesizer



The Studio Electronics ModStar Sensei Complete Eurorack Synthesizer is a complete pre-built modular synthesizer, it feaures a comprehensive range of modules from the Studio Electronics range including some of the classic filters.

Sensei ships in a two tier wooden eurorack case with an integrated power supply, all the power cable wiring and module fitting has already been done for you!

The Sensei Modular System includes the followign Studio Electronics Eurorack Modules;

  • 3 x Oscillation multiwave VCO
  • 1 x 5089 Moog style ladder filter
  • 1 x 4075 ARP style filter
  • 1 x SE88 Yamaha CS-80 style filter
  • 2 x Levels output module
  • 1 x MIDI3 MIDI to CV converter
  • 1 x Sci-Fi ring mod effects module
  • 2 x Shapers waveshaper module
  • 2 x AMP VCA module
  • 1 x Outs audio output module
  • 1 x LFO
  • 1 x Multiples module

The main features of the Studio Electronics ModStar Sensei include:

  • Full voice three oscillator modular synthesizer
  • Complete with blue, wooden eurorack case
  • Includes two filter modules
  • Comprehensive choice of modules for creating rich synthesis patches

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