St Paul’s Church Beckenham

To design and install new speaker audio, PA and visual solution taking into consideration Church and building regulations, sound dispersion and aesthetics.

Upper Froyle Park Country Estate and

To provide a live performance speaker installation for the Grand Ballroom of Froyle Park including sound limiting.

Northbrook Park Country Estate weeding Venue

To provide a live performance speaker installation with consideration toexternal noise leakage.

Harbour Hotel Southampton

To design, specify and install background and performance sound system for all commercial areas.

Salcombe Harbour Hotel

To specify and install an evenly dispersed sound system into five zones of the Salcombe Harbour Hotel.

Harbour Hotel Guildford

Re positioning and calibration of Martin Audio AQ 28 Cabinet Speakers in newly refurbished The Long Bar and installation…

Piccolino Heddon StREET

 To provide additional speakers to the existing sound system.

Piccoline Knutsford

Complete specification and installation of background music system for Bar & Restaurant

The Tunbridge Wells Bar & Grill

 To specify and install outside terrace sound system for new Barbecue and Bar Area of Restaurant Bar & Grill

Birmingham Bank

 To specify and install a complete audio upgrade

Civil Service Club

To upgrade and expand current background music system from Lounge Bar into Restaurant

Champs Bar Ilford

Champs Ilford contacted us early in the planning stages of the bar to advise on an integral solution for their audio and video requirements

Sony ATV Music Publishing Boardroom

To provide & demonstrate suitable and accurate speaker systems to A&R offices

Sony Music Office

To specify and install a sound system

Universal Music Publishing

To supply a sound system which delivers a full and coherent sound to people within the Boardroom

Relentless Records

Audio visual design and installation for the London office of Relentless Records

Maggie & Rose Family Members Club

To supply a multi zoned audio background system across four floors with a Personal Address system.

Toolroom Records

Toolroom Records, one of the largest independent music labels in the world has been working with Kazbar Systems

Petchey Academy

Kazbar Systems has completed the recording studio installation plus Acoustic Treatment for both Control Room & Live Room.

Sylvia Young Theatre School

Kazbar Systems has completed the installation of the Sylvia Young Theatre School in house recording and production facility.