Client Requirement: To upgrade and expand current background music system from Lounge Bar into Restaurant, install audio system into TV Room and provide a full audio installation for upstairs Function Room.

Upstairs Function Room

The Civil Service Club required a sound installation which would be suitable for all tasks from Parties, Quiz Nights, Meetings and general background music. We installed six Audac Vexo 8 full range speaker cabinets to cover the full sound dispersion.

To power the system we installed one Audac DPA154 for the four corner speakers and one DPA152 for the central speakers. The Civil Service Club were previously using a Cloud CX263 Mixer for their downstairs Lounge which became surplus to requirements due to the downstairs audio upgrade, we used this to control the music sources for the Function Room.

Downstairs Restaurant & Lounge

The downstairs Lounge has an existing sound system connected to a Cloud Amplifier, this stayed as it is but the adjacent Restaurant had no background speaker system. For the Restaurant we installed four Audac Celo 8 Ceiling Speakers, connected to an Audac DPA154 Amplifier.

To control the audio to the Lounge, Restaurant and TV Room we installed an Audac MTX48 Zone Mixer.

TV Room

To boost the sound dispersion during entertainment in the TV Room, we installed two Audac Ateo 6 Passive Speakers which are connected to the Audac DPA154 Amplifier and the Audac MTX48 Zone Mixer.