Client requirement: To provide a live performance speaker installation for the Grand Ballroom of Froyle Park including sound limiting.

Speaker Installation and Sound Limiting

Froyle Park Country Estate contacted Kazbar Systems to facilitate a speaker installation for their Grand Ballroom catering primarily for wedding parties.

Froyle Park has recently completed a massive renovation of all estate buildings, some of which are now in use as guest and private accommodation.

Because of this, we had to be careful and sensitive to external sound leakage taking into account the doors of the ballroom being opened on summer evenings. The initial suggestion was to place the internal speakers pointing away from the external doors towards the performance stage to deflect sound away but this would prove problematic to any live performers using microphones due to feedback.

The final solution was to install two full range passive speaker cabinets mounted to the ceiling away from the stage towards the dance floor but with an onstage traffic light warning system ranging from Green to Red when the volume is approaching potential disruptive levels to residents due to sound leakage.

We conducted external sound leakage tests to ensure the volume was well within the legal external noise levels.

Sound Equipment & Cable Installation

As part of the complete audio installation for Froyle Park, we needed to provide an effective and simple to operate audio solution which could be easily accessed by performers both live & DJ.

We installed a Mackie DL1608 Mixer which operates via an iPad having a quickly accessible and simple to use visual interface. The mixer is wired directly to a stagebox allowing for connectivity of the microphones and DJ’s too.

We provided a secure rack, mounted to the wall which includes a lockable rackdraw and also houses the Yamaha P5000S Amplifier powering the PA Speakers.