Client requirement: To provide a live performance speaker installation with consideration to external noise leakage.

Speaker Installation & External Noise Limiting

Northbrook Park contacted Kazbar Systems with a requirement to provide a permanent audio solution for their Orangery, a glass covered venue, part of the estate.

Up until the installation, Northbrook Park had hired local DJ’s bringing their own sound systems which could cause potential issues due to the lack of control of volume and external noise leakage.

Also, the Orangery has two areas where it is possible to address and perform to the guests, one facing down the venue and one across. Because of this the sound system needed to be portable in the sense of being able to be setup in either of these locations.

The solution was to place two passive full range cabinet speakers on stands along with a flight case on wheels containing the sound mixer, lockable rackdraw and Yamaha P5000S Amplifier.

For connectivity to the Mackie DL1608 Mixer including an iPad interface, we included a stagebox on a long cable so the rack could be positioned away from the performers if required.

To contain external noise leakage, we installed a wall mounted limiter with traffic light warning to warn DJ’s or performers when internal noise is reaching potentially disruptive levels to residents.